Are run over the internet on Zoom in the form of a webinar and last approximatley 45 minutes and costs £25 per person.


Managing your own mindementg

The aim of this workshop is to give you :  In this workshop you will learn;

                                             A model of how your mind works so that you can improve areas of your life. 

                                             Understanding of yourself and others,

                                             Challenge and improve your thinking 

                                             Improve communiction with yourself and others

                                             The Understanding of  how we create and run patterns of behaviour

                                             Improved  knowledge as to  why our emotions sometimes get the better of us

                                             The ability to live in and be happy in your world .......or the knowledge to be able to change it.


Dealing with stress and anxiety:

The aim of this workshop is to give you;

                                                              An understanding of why you become stressed and anxious.

                                                              The knowledge  to  change your thinking .

                                                              knowledge & techniques to help you stay calm.





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